Everybody’s talkin’ (Harry Nilsson)


Local Natives - “Colombia” (Hummingbird)

My uncle passed away this morning, seven years into a five year medically predicted death sentence. He lived like he wanted to, never compromised, and probably would have hated this song. 

But I think it’s perfect.

it’s that time of the night where i’m just like why do I even bother anymore? what’s the point of trying to stay ahead all the time? it’s all pointless if someone i don’t know and can’t even see creeping up behind me is just going to throw A GODDAMN BLUE SHELL AT ME WHEN I’M AT THE FINISH LINE. GODDAMN YOU MARIO KART.


Song of the Day: 10/7/2011

Title: Apple Juice Break            Artist: Olu

Good Shit.